How to Talk Dirty to a Woman

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If you want to know how to talk dirty to a girl, you’ve come to the right place. Female sexual arousal is one of the greatest mysteries of nature. If men are able to experience sexual attraction within a few seconds, then representatives of the beautiful half of humanity only dream about it. Unfortunately, not all men know how to properly excite a girl.

Something obvious that is still worth noting – all women are different. For one young lady to feel sexual arousal, you need a few passionate kisses. For another – a couple of seducing words spoken into her ear, and the third does not get aroused without an exciting massage. And yet psychology, anatomy and life experience suggest that there are standard, time-tested ways of arousing a woman.

How to Talk Dirty to a Woman 1

Even during triumph – when everything is done perfectly and, it would seem, the girl is in absolute ecstasy, everything can be spoiled with one word, spoken wrongly and at the wrong time. Dirty talking during sex is something you have to learn and master to follow dating a russian woman rules. It is easy to say something wrong and turn a woman off in a matter of seconds. That is, she may not run away with a grudge on her face, but she will have absolutely no emotions and passion and will wait until everything is over. However, words can also turn a woman on, improving all of her sensations. The main thing to know is how to find the right words?

According to the style of words that girls like to hear during sex, they can be divided into groups. Many people do not like to talk during sex. They only interfere in the process with words. In this case, it is best to keep silent, but if you cannot remain silent, especially at the most important moment, and it is impossible to yourself, then you should at least be very cautious in your statements, or rather, in your exclamations, shouting and commentary. Of course, you should not expect the girls to be making sounds that much.

One conditional group of women do not just love, they demand that they are called “bunnies”, “kittens” and similar petting words during sex. Such women can easily be recognized even during their acquaintance. They tend to want to be caressed, which is evident both in behavior and in conversation with them. And during sex with such “bunnies” it is easy to find the right words, here the main thing is not to blurt out anything rude. And all will be well. Knowing how to talk dirty with these women is not a necessity.

Sometimes you do not have to think about which words to say because the lady herself speaks without stopping. With her too, special difficulties should not arise. Here the main point is to say yes and something to match her pace, without paying much attention to the meaning. However, they do not tolerate rude words either, otherwise, the conversation in bed will not lead to anything good.

How to Talk Dirty to a Woman 2

Some women consider themselves iron ladies. Here it is possible to say stuff that can be considered inadequate for others, since these women love dirty sex talk. Women from this group love for everything to be tough and without ceremony. The main difficulty is that you do not need to overdo it here. After all, such women themselves do not know where the edge is of what is permitted.


In the most extreme group, it’s good that you should not be afraid at all of saying something over the top, and vice versa. Here, the girls themselves love to be and can be rude. Sexy dirty talk is the name of the game. Here you will hear things you have never heard before. You should not make any bad conclusion from the rude statements. If a girl is so expressive in bed, it does not mean that she is always like that.

The mixed type. This is the most common type. Girls like to be different and, for the acuteness of sensations, they like to try different images. Here you need to understand – even if the girl in the role of an iron lady or extreme. you should still watch your words. Girls of a mixed type do not fully immerse themselves in the image.

Over time, couples who have been together long enough find a common language. In bed, they know what to talk about and how to say it, but in the beginning of relations, it is very important not to overdo it. Ask her what she likes, learn and master the art of dirty talking.